Boat Buying Blueprint

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What is the Boat Buying Blueprint?

The Boat Buying Blueprint is an online course which teaches people how to buy a boat at the best price possible. The course feedback is excellent (100% of students who have completed the post-course survey said that they would recommend the course to others), and students have saved over 30% off the asking price of their boats after using the techniques and strategies revealed in the course.

As a boat is usually the second most expensive item people own (after their house), four or five figure savings are achievable in many cases.

According to the post-course survey, the average saving that students expect to be able to save by implementing what they learn in the course is $19,833. This is what THEY say - not what I say!

This means that the investment in the course easily pays for itself many times over.

What's The Backstory Behind The Course?

I used to be a boat dealer and this is where I developed the techniques and skills necessary to buy boats at a substantial discount from their asking prices. I later went on to help clients buy boats at the best price possible via a one-to-one coaching service.

As there is only one of me (and as I want to have time to go sailing!) I decided to put the knowledge I have been sharing with clients into an online course, which I created in 2021, and have been running ever since.

I have just transferred the course over to [This is an affiliate link ๐Ÿ˜‰] and this is where the course is now hosted.

I learnt many years ago about the power of affiliate marketing, so it has always been my plan to promote the course via a team of affiliates. As a result, I have priced the course with very generous 50% affiliate commissions built in.

This page will give you more information about how you can earn income via flexible remote working.

This is me, Christopher Barr, with my wife Rossella and daughter Emma, on board our Bavaria 350 sailboat.

We paid just ยฃ16,000 for our boat. Look up the prices of these boats yourself to see how great a deal this was!...

What's In It For Me?

This remote working opportunity is perfect for cruisers and/or busy parents, or anyone else who wishes to create more freedom in their life.

It is completely flexible and you are your own boss, setting your own hours, with the freedom to disappear for weeks at a time if you need/want to.

You are completely autonomous, answer to no-one (you just need to abide by the simple T's & C's at the bottom of this page), and can put as little or as much effort in to this as you like.

Imagine waking up to new commission notifications on your phone (nothing beats getting paid while you sleep!), or the feeling of receiving regular commission payments for having simply shared a link somewhere.

With generous commissions, you will hopefully start to see your efforts be well rewarded and will therefore be incentivised to increase the amount of effort you put in to bringing in more potential clients.

You can do this from anywhere in the world, and you don't need a high bandwidth broadband internet connection to make this work.

How Does The Affiliate Program Work?

You can earn 50% commissions, simply by sharing a link to the course.

This currently equates to $98.50 commission for you for clients who choose the single payment option, or $103.50 commission ($34.50 each month for 3 months), or $114 commission ($9.50 per month for 12 months) for clients who choose one of the the payment plan options.

You just have to bring people to our landing page, using your uniue link which you get when you sign up to our affiliate program.

You can bring the traffic from any source you like.

Let's say you get your long, hard to remember link, and shorten it using a link shortener (I can do this for you if you don't know how) your link might then be something like for example.

You can then send people to your link from any source you like:

โ†’ Word of mouth recommendations

โ†’ Email (To people you know or who have opted in to receive emails from you)

โ†’ Facebook posts

โ†’ YouTube videos

โ†’ TikTok videos

โ†’ Instagram reels / posts

โ†’ Paid ads

โ†’ Blog posts

โ†’ Banner ads on websites

You could even put a card or a hand-written note on a Buy & Sell Notice Board in a marina or yacht club!

When someone comes to one of my landing pages via your link, this 'lead' gets assigned to you in the back office (you can log in to see your stats if you like, or you can just wait for your commissions to roll in if you want to be more hands-off).

The lead will automatically receive an email sequence from me about buying a boat, which offers value and builds trust, with a view to converting this lead into a paying client.

Whenever one of your leads buys the course, a 50% commission is credited to you.

How Much Can I Earn?

This depends on you!

Bear in mind that there are different types of leads. Hot, warm, and cold...

A hot lead might be a good friend of yours who is looking to buy a boat. If you recommend this course to them then they are likely to seriously consider it and are therefore likely to invest in the course in order to save lots of money on their boat purchase.

A warm lead might be generated by you putting some effort into your promotion of the link. If the lead has a nice feeling about the course when they arrive on the landing page, then they will be far more inclined to opt in and some of these people will buy the course.

A cold lead is someone who stumbles across a link and clicks on it out of curiosity, having no reason to trust the offer. Although these leads can convert into paying clients, the percentage will be much lower than for warm or hot leads.

If you spend 10 minutes posting a couple of links in random places then you are unlikely to see any results whatsoever (unless you spend those 10 minutes making a video or some other post which gets a decent amount of traffic, in which case your 10 minutes of work could generate commissions.)

If you dedicate an hour a week to finding clients, or if you already have a traffic source, then it will just be a matter of time until you start to see results. Once you start to see payments coming in, you will be incentivised to bring in more leads, and you will no doubt start dedicating more time to bringing in more people.

If you set up a lead generating system (for example by adding links to somewhere you have traffic coming in, like YouTube videos, for example) or if you have a decent sized email list, then you can potentially do very well with this offer.

If you have experience in running ads, then with $100+ commissions to work with, you can make a good income promoting this course. (If you need something specific such as tracking pixels added to a dedicated landing page, reach out and we can arrange this for you).

Here are some quick examples to inspire you into taking action:

1 sale per month = Circa $100 per month

1 sale per week = Circa $400 per month

2 sales per week = Circa $800 per month

10 sales per week = Circa $4,000 per month

One-off video with 50 short-term course sales = Circa $5,000 (Plus long-term residual sales)

One-off video with 100,000 views and an effective call to action resulting in 100 sales = Circa $10,000 (Plus long-term residual sales)

N.B. The figures above are examples only. I cannot guarantee these kind of numbers for you. What I can guarantee is integrity and an abundance of goodwill on my part towards anyone who joins my team.

Who Does What During The Sales Process?

You just need to bring traffic and I do everything else.

The 50/50 split is a great deal for you!

Below are links to the pages if you'd like to check the out yourself from the perspective of potential clients:

Optin Page

Once details are entered into the form, the lead is created and tied to you.

Email sequence is sent out (currently one email per day for 10 days or so).

One of the emails contains a link to the free ebook lead magnet "How To Buy A Boat At The Best Price Possible" and the other emails are intended to be helpful and informative, as well as designed to take leads back to the sales page.

(As a result of this automated system, your leads now get nine opportunities to say "Yes" and buy the course, instead of one.)


Sales Page

Encourages leads to buy the course


Checkout Page

This is where the course is purchased, and where your commission is earned


Course Access

When & How Do I Get Paid?

There is a minimum payout amount of $100, and the course comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee, so there is a delay of 35 days before your commissions are paid to make sure that the purchase is not refunded (don't worry, only one person has ever taken advantage of the money-back guarantee to date, as the calibre of people the course attracts is high and our clients act with integrity.)

You will receive monthly commission payments to cover sales from the leads you have brought in. In the unlikely event that a client receives a refund, the commission is, naturally, no longer due. This protection eliminates any possibility of abuse of this affiliate program via multiple purchases and refunds.

You will receive your commission payments either directly to your bank account, or to your PayPal account, depending on the payment settings you choose.

Why Are You Giving Away Such A High Percentage Of Your Margin?

Good question! Why would I want to give 50% commissions to you when you potentially did nothing more than post a link, when I have created the course, have to host it, take payments, deal with clients, and basically do all the work?

The answer is simple: affiliate marketing works!

You have to give in life in order to receive, and by offering generous commission payments I intend to build a decent sized team of people who promote the course for me, which means I can forget about marketing the course and spend more time with my family. I also understand that good people don't come cheap, hence the generous commissions.

It has also been the intention for my happy clients/students to spread the word far and wide about the course too, and offering these generous commissions is intended to encourage this. The people you bring in will also go on to spread word about the course, thus increasing future sales in a kind of snowball effect.

Now that the course and sales system is up and running, it is pretty much all automated. Whether I sell 10 courses a month or 100 courses, my workload hardly changes. The overheads are almost the same too, so it makes sense to sell as many courses as possible, and a team of people can do this far better than I can alone.

How Do I Get Started?

You can sign up by clicking the button below, which will take you through to the marketplace offer on

It will take you literally about 2 minutes to sign up and get your personal affiliate link, then you are free to start bringing in leads and generating those commissions!

I recommend using the link to the optin page, as your leads will then receive my email sequence. You can send people straight to the sales page if you like, but this probably won't convert as well, as if these people don't buy straight away then I have no email address and therfore no way of bringing them back to the sales page.

The optin page, on the other hand, captures the potential client's email address right at the start, so I can give them more opportunities to learn about the course and they are therefore more likely to enroll - generating a commission for you.

If you want to start earning with this program, click the button below to sign up and I look forward to seeing you join the team!

Share & Earn / Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions:

1. Payouts will be made each month. The minimum payout amount is $100. Any amount below this will roll-over to the next month.

2. Commissions will be held for 35 days to cover eventual refunds. In the event a refund is issued, no commission will be payable for that individual sale.

3. As per FTC rules affiliates must always disclose that they may receive compensation for recommendations.

4. Affiliates are responsible for any tax liabilities arising from the payments they receive from Helvellyn Ltd.

5. Promotion must be undertaken in a responsible manner. Spam is not permitted.

6. Any activity which may harm the reputation of the Boat Buying Blueprint, or of Helvellyn Ltd is not permitted.

7. Negative promotional activities are not permitted.

8. Helvellyn Ltd reserve the right to modify these terms at any time, and updated terms will be posted on this page.

In summary, 'white hat' honest, positive and professional promotion is welcomed. 'Black hat' promotion is not allowed and any activity which may damage the reputation of the Boat Buying Blueprint, or Helvellyn Ltd will not be tolerated.

This course is absolutely unique and white hat promotion can yield significant returns.

We welcome honest partners with whom we can do long-term business, and share mutual success.

These terms were updated on 27 July 2022

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